If you are looking for a brand new doodle puppy, go
to the list of
Doodles Available for Rescue and Re-home (these are not new)  Buyer beware and be educated
Petfinder Pet Search
Search for Dog, Standard Poodle, and enter your zip
code. Scan through results to find either Labrador
Retriever or Golden Retriever mix with Standard
Poodle (there is no Doodle breed listed)
WARNING: I implore you, after watching the Oprah Winfrey
Show on 4/3/08, please DO NOT purchase puppies from pet
stores.  There is a 99% chance they came from a puppy mill and
even if the petstore owner says the dog came from a reputable
breeder, the paperwork can be doctored and a promise of "getting
the paperwork later" is a false delay.  Please do not perpetuate the
profits of puppy mills where dogs/puppies are raised in wire cages
without floors, with little vet care and permanent disfigurements,
sometimes outside in conditions not fit for any animal, where dogs
are for breeding purposes only and are discarded when they have
fulfilled their breeding expectancy, where dogs are put in wire
wheels for exercise (like hamster wheels) because they never see a
green lawn outside, and they never see human interaction.  If you
love dogs, you will never buy a dog from a petstore.  Also,
responsible breeders will never let their dogs go to a shelter, they
will always accept a return.  Please check out the Main Line Animal
Rescue website
Poo-Mix Rescue (virtual link to other websites)
ColoradoDoodle.com is NOT a Rescue website, I am
only a source for YOU to find a doodle on your own
and give you some suggestions as to how to do this.  
Please call your local dog shelters, veterinarians,
search in your local want ads, on Craiglist, on the web
or on the following websites.  Please do not send me
any emails saying you are looking for a rescue, or ask
me where you can rescue a doodle.
Thank you.
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Labradodoodle, click on Search